Ummm…No Thank You: Top Ten Book Turn-offs


Last week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt were things that immediately draw me to a book, so this week’s topic is Top Ten Things That Make Me Instantly Not Want to Read a Book. Because I try to read a wide array of books (not that I always succeed), this list is a little bit more general than usual. However, almost all of the things below are hard and fast rules for me, save for the few exceptions noted. As usual, these are not in any specific order. 

Any hint of horror

I am very much a scaredy cat, and anything that seems remotely scary makes me run far, far away. I do not think I will ever touch the horror genre. Ever.

Unclear points of view

It really bothers me when the point of view changes without clearly telling us who’s POV it is. I get very annoyed when I have to work to figure out who is speaking. I don’t mind POV changes, but I need clear distinction so that I can put myself in a different frame of mind. This is not always a huge turn-off, but at least 98% of the time it is.

Problematic authors

I obviously can’t keep tabs on all the authors I read, but when I do see that an author is being extremely problematic, such as being super homophobic, then I make a mental note to not read their books. Ever.

Super sports heavy book

Except for a select few sports such as rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating, I’m not really that into sports. So if I feel like a book will be laying it on thick with the soccer and/or baseball, pass. Note: it’s fine if a character is an athlete. I just don’t like endless talk about sports, and I generally don’t read books with super sporty settings either.

Bad writing

I guess this one is kind of self-explanatory. I hardly ever DNF books, but if a book’s writing is really bad, I either drop it or make a commitment to not read any more books in the series.

Flat worldbuilding (especially in fantasy)

One of my favorite things about fantasy is world-building, so it your world-building doesn’t really work or is just not there, chances are I’ll either DNF or not pick up any more books in the series.

Blatant racism

Again, this goes without saying. It’s so frustrating that books like this are still being published in 2017, but if early readers, especially PoC, find racism, that book goes straight off my TBR.

Low Goodreads rating

I don’t always check books on Goodreads, but sometimes if a book is not recommended by people whose recommendations I trust, I’ll check out the specific book to learn more. This one is not an automatic turnoff, especially when the book is newer, but it can definitely be very off-putting.

Super unappealing cover

I know, I know. Don’t judge a book by its cover. I just can’t help it though! If a cover is super hideous (which rarely happens tbh), it can be super off-putting for me. Generally, if this is the only negative factor, I’ll pick it up at some point, just probably much later.


That’s all for today! Tomorrow, hopefully the last of the books I’m expecting will arrive, so fingers crossed for my first book haul! Now tell me: what makes you not want to read a book?





7 thoughts on “Ummm…No Thank You: Top Ten Book Turn-offs

  1. mainepaperpusher says:

    I just read an article about making yourself read a book you think you’ll hate to gain another point of view. I think it’s a great theory, but I’d have a hard time getting through to the end. My list and your list would be extremely similar!

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