Let’s See What’s Inside: March FairyLoot Unboxing


Today, I’m going to finally be doing an unboxing for the March 2017 FairyLoot. For those of you who don’t know, FairyLoot is a UK-based monthly book subscription box. You can subscribe or do a single purchase (which is what this is.) In each box, you get a book along with some other shenanigans. This particular month’s box is especially special because it was FairyLoot’s one year anniversary. That meant having the gorgeous purple box, but it also mean that it was ridiculously hard to get a box. I was lucky enough to be one of the 90 people to get a box in the bloodbath that was the March box overflow sale. Literally, the boxes sold out in like 5 minutes. Anyway, that meant I was just even more excited to receive my box, and FairyLoot did not disappoint! Without further ado, presenting the March 2017 FairyLoot box!

There are actually a few things I left out of the picture above, but you get how pretty it is! I mean look at all the things in there! What exactly are those things? Glad you asked, let’s take a look in the box.

The non-book items included a Silver Dragon Scale Scarf from GivArt, Unicorn Fairy Lights by Mustard, a Nephilim Candle by Geeky Clean, a Mermaid Pocket Mirror from Book Otter, and last but not least, Dragon and Phoenix Magnetic Bookmarks by Bonitismo!

I love the idea of including a scarf in a book sub box; I’ve actually never seen this done before! The dragon pattern of the scarf definitely satisfies my inner fantasy nerd, and it’s super soft! I’m actually wearing it as I write this.

I literally screamed in excitement when I saw that fairy lights were included in this box! So many bookstagrammers use fairy lights in their photos, and I’ve always wanted some. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to make them and work. Oh, and actually take aesthetically pleasing photos. That is kind of important.

I have mixed feelings about this candle. I do like the smell of it, but I haven’t lit it yet and I don’t really think I will. Tbh, I’ve never really understood everyone’s obsession with candles. It could have to do with that fact that I’m not allowed to burn candles due to our apartment’s ubersensitive fire alarm…

The design on the pocket mirror is absolutely gorgeous, and who doesn’t love mermaids? Now, to find a place on my bookshelf for it, because really, isn’t that what pocket mirrors are for? To make your bookshelf look pretty?

Last but not least, aren’t these bookmarks simply adorable? Phoenixes (is that the correct plural?) and dragons are some of my favorite mythical creatures, and I’m always in need of more bookmarks, especially these magnetic types.

Oh and before I forget, there was also a Fallen Online Chapter Sampler which I haven’t gotten to yet, but I will check it out soon! Now on to the stuff you’re all really here for…

Now, arguably the most important parts of the box: a special UK edition of Laini Taylor’s Strange the Dreamer, an author letter, a postcard, the monthly Fairyscoop and book bag, and this month only, an anniversary booklet.

I just can’t get over how beautiful this book is! With the foil cover, blue stained pages, signature, and beautiful title page, what’s not to love? I’ve been hearing nothing but rave reviews for this book, so super excited to dive into it after my Yallwest binge!

I appreciate all the other stuff that came too, especially the author letter and book bag. I love reading what the author has to say about the book, and it just makes my reading experience feel more personal! I also appreciate the book bags for their protection of my precious books. I’ll definitely be using it at Yallwest!


Honestly, my only complaint is the pricing for FairyLoot: I ended up paying around $50 for this box after shipping, which means this is really only a special occasion thing. Aside from that though, love this box to pieces! Here’s to hoping I can afford more in the future…

Tomorrow, we tackle the dreaded reading slump together!





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