Instant Attraction: Top Ten Things That Make Me Want to Instantly Read a Book


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is about the things that make me want to instantly read a book! To be honest, I will read almost anything except for pure romance novels or horror stories, but these things below will bump these books much higher up on my list. As usual, not in any usual order. Let’s begin!

Diversity (of any kind)

First and foremost, I will be most attracted to a book with diversity of any kind both because I want to support the diversity that is sadly still sorely lacking in the YA community and also because those are the book recommendations I most often receive from Twitter.


I am a sucker for retellings of any kind, especially fairy tales. There’s just something about revamped stories and I love authors seeing their own touch on these well-known tales.


Fantasy is my favorite genre, so it should come as no surprise that anything with magic will definitely be a big draw. Having magic in a story widens the parameters of the universe and brings with it both new directions and obstacles.

A Pretty Cover (hides face in shame)

I know, I know. Don’t judge a book by its cover. However, if a book has a prettier cover, I’m drawn much more to check it out and give it a chance. Sometimes, a more unappealing cover can make me more hesitant to read a book. Unfortunately.

Blurbs By My Favorite Authors

If my favorite authors like a book, then it makes sense that I would probably also love the book. If I love their books, then I should probably judge their judgement too, right?

Greek Mythology Inspired

I grew up learning about Greek mythology, even before I read the Percy Jackson books. I’ve always been fascinated by the Ancient Greek deities, heroes and heroines, and even the different monsters. I don’t think I will ever get tired of Greek mythology inspired books.

Fantastic World Building

See magic above, but I just love richly built worlds. There’s just something about getting to picture a new world, learning about it’s rules, and all that jazz. Obviously, this is something that is best seen when you’re actually reading the book, but sometimes you can tell just from the summary of the book!


ALL IMPORTANT!!! Enough said.

Strong Family Relationships

In my opinion, there are not enough YA characters, especially in fantasy novels, who have good relationships with parents. Similarly, I wish there were more cases of super strong sibling relationships.

Squad Goals!

Last but not least, it goes without saying that friendships, especially strong friend groups, are essential to almost any book. I especially love books with strong female friendships, and I hope that more and more books include them!


That’s all for today! Tell me: what makes you instantly pick up a book?



2 thoughts on “Instant Attraction: Top Ten Things That Make Me Want to Instantly Read a Book

    • The Book Pandas says:

      So sorry for not responding sooner! It is true though; not saying that I won’t read a book if it has an ugly cover, but sometimes it does get pushed back on my TBR…I’ve also picked up a few books because I liked their covers…Of course magic is a given magnet for me though!


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