The Terror of All Book Bloggers: The Blogging Slump and Possible Solutions to Get Rid of It

thinking-thursdays-bannerHello my pandas! Today’s Thinking Thursday blog post might seem a little hypocritical given the amount of times I’ve gone on hiatus. I get it. However, this is more a list of things I’m trying out right now, right as I’m slowly coming out of a blogging slump. Thus, I don’t really have a guarantee of whether any of these methods work. Let’s go test these out together, shall we?

1. Set aside a chunk of time, get rid of all distractions, and force yourself to write. 

Sometimes all you need is a little motivation, and purposefully creating a space to write your posts can help. I’ve already found this helpful, especially since I tend to procrastinate if I don’t actively tell myself to do something. I know a lot of authors do this especially when they feel stuck in their book, so I think this would probably be applicable to book blogging as well.

2. Write reviews right after you finish the book, not much later.

This is especially tricky for me because I read at such a fast rate and typically read while I’m on the go, not leaving much time for reviews. I’m going to slowly try to integrate this method into my schedule, especially since my list of backlogged book reviews is especially alarming. Seriously, I still have some books I read last June that I’ve been wanting to review. Anyway, by creating this sort of policy, it might be easier to ensure that you a) don’t forget the book or any important details/thoughts, b) have more motivation to share what you thought about the book with the internet rather than boring your uninterested family/friends (at least in my case), and c) have a list of ready-to-go material (see number 4).

3. Just keep reading.

Sometimes, the creative juices really aren’t flowing. You probably need some new material and artistic inspiration to get you going, so pick up those books. I find this simultaneously helps me relax and find the motivation to keep going. Again, try to use method number 2 to help keep on top of things, but the focus here is to really try to rejuvenate your inner writing dragon. (Yep, I hear it. Yep, it sounds weird. Yep, it’s staying in.) HOWEVER, if you are in a reading slump, disregard this method. In my experience, you’ll just lose even more motivation by trying to push yourself to read books you really don’t want to. Next week’s post, I’ll trying to cover how to get over reading slumps.

4. When you have an idea and extra time, write a post and save it for a rainy day.

Right now, I’m on spring break and am slowly starting to get back into blogging, so I’m trying to write as much as possible while my blogging muse is alive. I find that sometimes blogging slumps are caused by the stress of not writing, which makes me not write, which puts me in a blogging slump, which just turns into a vicious circle. By having a stash of ready-made blog posts, you can just use one as your post for the day and not stress about it. This in turn may give you the room to create more rainy day posts or even just plan for the week or take a breather.

5. Take a hiatus. Preferably a planned one.

If all of the above fails, use this method. If you feel like you are desperately clinging on to the edge of a precipice, about to fall into the abyss of blogging slumps, cut it off. Take a planned hiatus. It’s ok. Everyone will still be there for you. If you feel like the pressure is just too much at the moment, taking a break from blogging and maybe even social media may be the key to resting and eventually getting back in the writing mode. We all get how stressful and high commitment book blogging can be. Nobody’s going to judge you for taking a hiatus. (At least I won’t.) Do try telling people you’re on hiatus though. That way they won’t think you just suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth. I definitely need to work on that.


Anyway, I hope this was helpful to you guys. I myself am trying out some of these methods and finding it useful. Here’s to no more blogging slumps for at least a year! Also, last update: I was planning to do an unboxing of my March FairyLoot yesterday, but decided to postpone it to next week just case someone hasn’t gotten theirs yet. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone!



2 thoughts on “The Terror of All Book Bloggers: The Blogging Slump and Possible Solutions to Get Rid of It

    • thebookpandas says:

      I’m so glad that this helped! Welcome to the book blogging community. Don’t worry, I sometimes still feel like a newbie, and I’m already approaching a year! Anyway, everyone’s really supportive and just so nice, so you’ll feel at home in no time.

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