Pleased to Meet You: Waywitch Signing with Alexandra Bracken and Susan Dennard



Three weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to go to a book event with some of my favorite authors! Alexandra Bracken and Susan Dennard were celebrating their respective book releases, Wayfarer and Windwitch. Both books were highly anticipated sequels for me, and I was so excited! So for today’s Wrap-up Wednesday, I thought that I’d give an event recap.

Wayfarer actually came out a week before the event, so I pushed myself to finish it and really loved it. I also binge read the whole Something Strange and Deadly trilogy in that one weekend so that I would know everything that I could when Susan Dennard was talking. Then on Sunday, I realized that I hadn’t ordered any of the books I wanted signed, so I had to rush order the whole Darkest Minds series, Passenger, and Truthwitch. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! I also maaaay have bribed my dad with donuts to fall in line early for me on the morning of the event. Just maybe.

Anyway, enough rambling. So what actually happened at the event? First the authors gave their pitches of their books, and then they also talked about how difficult writing these specific books were, complete with many different anecdotes. Then they opened up to some Q&A. We learned various tidbits, ranging from the fact that Alexandra Bracken is obsessed with JStor to the fact that Susan Dennard has gone couchsurfing in Europe.

Finally, we went through the signing line, and I was able to get all seven of my books signed and personalized! I also was able to talk with them, and they were extremely sweet and just lovely in general. After a few pictures, I said goodbye and left the event. I had so much fun and I hope I can go meet them again soon!



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