Love Letters: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

IMG_8583.JPGThis book was an interesting case. I was a bit hesitant to pick it up because A) I didn’t really LOVE Jenny Han’s first book, The Summer I Turned Pretty and B) it had mixed reviews. I wanted to pick it up because A) it had mixed reviews 😛 and B) the main character is Asian American, which is still pretty uncommon in YA literature in my opinion. When I did finally decide to pick it up, I had to stop about 50 pages in because I just got really annoyed with the main character’s voice. I picked it up two weeks later though and breezed through it. Anyway, let’s see if I can coherently pull my thoughts together.

Because this book is mainly character-driven, let’s start with the main character. As I’ve mentioned above, Lara Jean was a bit annoying at times, and honestly her voice was kind of immature. That was my biggest problem. She is supposed to be 16 years old, but her voice seemed like a 12 year old, especially in the beginning. I mean, I’m 16 and I don’t sound like that. (I think. I hope. Do I?) However, after my hiatus with this book I somehow grew more comfortable with her voice. I think she did mature a bit, although I definitely think she could be more mature for her age. P.S. It made me really happy to read about a main character who is really short like me! (She’s around 5’2” I believe. ) I did love how there was a big emphasis on her family relationships, especially with her sisters. They did fight of course, but you could still see how much they loved each other and there were just so many sweet scenes! Now the love interests. I’m just going to focus on Josh and Peter in this book, although I will take a moment to say that Lucas is probably my favorite out of the five that I’ve met. Anyway, Josh. I did love Josh’s relationship with Kitty, and I did feel bad that Margot broke up with him, but seriously, I did not ship him with Lara Jean. First of all, he’s her sister’s ex-boyfriend. I don’t care if Lara Jean liked him first, just no. Also, there just didn’t feel like a lot of romantic chemistry between them. Friendship? Yes. Romance? No. Finally, that part in the middle of the book that made me type “Oh damn. Shit just got real!” made me uncomfortable for some reason. Now bachelor number 2: Peter. I actually liked Peter. I also loved how great he was with Kitty, and he was pretty funny in places. I can’t say much more without spoilers, but I definitely was invested in his and Lara Jean’s relationship. I felt romantic chemistry with this ship!

The plot of this book was relatively predictable, with just a few surprises thrown in, but it moved along pretty well. All in all, if you’re a fan of cute contemporary love stories, then I’d say go for it! There is a pretty nasty cliffhanger though which will make you scream for the next book…


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