The Grand Finale: October 2016 Wrap-up

I know lots of bloggers do wrap-up posts at the end of month, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. I’ve broken it down by post types, as well as included some fun stuff in the beginning. Enjoy and let me know how you like it! I’m considering making this a monthly thing, the first Wednesday after the end of the month, called Wrap-up Wednesdays. I also started to really get back into the blog this month, so there’s a lot more content!

Fun Stuff!

  • As you probably know, Monday was Halloween! I dressed up as Isabelle Lightwood from the Mortal Instruments. This was my first year dressing up a book character, and I’m super happy with the results. I’m glad I decided to be Izzy; I felt so bad-ass! 14736370_1827393747531037_6774146711309778944_n
  • Question of the month: Do you guys want me start posting ballet stuff?

Recommended Reads:

Watching It Burn: A Torch Against the Night

A Spark, a Catalyst, and an Ember: An Ember in the Ashes

Faith, Trust and Poison: White Nights, Black Paradise

Reaching the Horizon: In the Afterlight

The Winner Takes It All: The Winner’s Trilogy

What To Do When Your Planet Gets Invaded: Illuminae

Mindblown!!! (Literally): Gemina

Pride Goeth Before the Fall: The Thousandth Floor

Nineteen Years Later: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Other Reviews

Day after Day after Day after Day: Every Day

The Perils of Shopping: Vassa in the Night



Sweet Sixteen: The Birthday Book Tag

Things that Go Bump: Creatures of the Night Book Tag



What’s in a Name?: Top Ten Characters I’d Name a Panda After

I’m Running Out of Time To Save the World: The Age of YA Protagonists


Anything you especially liked this month? Anything you want me to cover? Just let me know!



4 thoughts on “The Grand Finale: October 2016 Wrap-up

  1. Samantha says:

    I saw your costume on Twitter and absolutely loved it! You look awesome.
    I didn’t dress up, but it wasn’t until yesterday when I started thinking of some characters I could have tried to dress up as, sheesh.

    Here’s to another bookish month!

    (Also, I’d love to hear about ballet stuff, even if it’s only in your monthly update posts).


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