The Catalogue: How I Organize the Books I’ve Read

img_8212Short Thinking Thursday post today because I’m still at the theatre for almost the whole day and I have almost no time besides now. I thought that today I’d do a post about my books organization. I know many people use Goodreads as a way to catalogue what books they’ve already read, but the problem is that I only started actively using Goodreads this year. I haven’t really managed to figure out how to add previously read books without messing up my yearly challenge. Thus, my spreadsheet is the solution. 

I have created a spreadsheet on Google Docs for the purpose of documenting all the books that I’ve read. I have a separate tab for each letter of the alphabet, and each book goes on a specific tab according to the author’s last name. Within each tab, the books are organized by author’s last name, and then within each author by series. If a book has more than one author, then I catalogue it twice and make a note that the book has co-authors.

The spreadsheet is still really rough because I am sure there are a ton of books that I have forgotten I’ve read. I only started this spreadsheet earlier this year, but I update at least once a month, so hopefully it will eventually become more accurate as times goes by. How do you organize all the books you’ve read?


3 thoughts on “The Catalogue: How I Organize the Books I’ve Read

  1. Kayla @ Kdrewkthebookworm says:

    This is a great idea! I personally use Goodreads to log all the books I’ve read, plus what I want to read. I find it a great tool to find new books and keep track of my reading, as well as to store the entirety of my reviews. Have you tried it out?


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