Revelio!: Cover Reveal of Crawdad

Today I’m very excited to be working with Rich in Variety Tours again! Today is a cover reveal for Crawdad by Lisa Cresswell. I don’t believe that this book has a release date yet, and I haven’t read it yet, but the summary has definitely piqued my interest. Here it is:

Seventeen-year-old Jamil Ramos grew up on Alabama’s Gulf Coast believing his mom, Loretta, was his only living relative. She put a trumpet in his hands as a toddler and sparked his love of jazz. But when Loretta drops a bomb on Jamil from her deathbed- she’s not his mama and his daddy is still alive, living in Charleston, S.C. – his world is turned upside down.
Now, with the only mama he’s ever known gone and the Loyola University trumpet audition less than a week away, Jamil has trouble feeling his music. When his band teacher tells him to get it together, Jamil decides to hitchhike to South Carolina over to find his father and get his questions answered. All he has is a name –Leon Ramos.
Jamil relies on the kindness of the strangers he meets-a gay teen kicked out of his home, a runaway prostitute, and a street musician-as he makes his way across Florida and Georgia trying to avoid the cops along the way. But when Jamil is robbed of his most prized possession, his trumpet, his plans go anywhere but where he’d hoped. That trumpet was supposed to be his ticket for a scholarship, the only way to college his mama could give him. Lost and alone without it, Jamil wonders if finding his father is worth risking his future.

Diversity: This book includes main characters who are African-American. There are also minor characters who are a part of the LGBT+ community and disabled.

Genre: YA Contemporary

Excited? Interested? Well, here’s the cover. *Drumroll please*…

Ta-da! I like how simple the cover is, which means that the focus is on the young man and the title. I also love the fact that there’s a PoC on the cover, which needs to happen more often these days. Are you excited now? Look for the blog tour of Crawdad coming soon, also through Rich in Variety Tours!


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