Keep Your Enemies Closer: Ruined


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is something to do with what you’re grateful for, but I’m planning to do something like that on Thanksgiving itself. Instead, I’ve decided to do a long overdue review. This book is quite a change of pace from yesterday’s contemporary read, but I enjoyed this book as well. I also apologize for the especially crappy quality of the picture. I know my pictures are usually bad, but this one is just horrendous!

Emelina Flores has lost everything, including her now destroyed home in Ruina. Not to mention that she witnessed her parents’ murders firsthand and her sister Olivia has been kidnapped. She doesn’t even have the powers of her fellow ruined. Now driven by her all consuming desire for revenge, Em infiltrates the enemy kingdom of Lera, hoping to find her sister. Through a scheme of deception and murder, Em marries Prince Casmir, next in line to the Lera throne. If anyone discovers that she is not truly Cas’s betrothed, she’ll be kileed immediately. Nevertheless, Em is determined to suceed, but soon the prince begins to soften her heart and make her question her mission. With her family and even her life at stake, love could be a fatal mistake.

This book was enjoyable. It didn’t quite blow me away, but it was enjoyable. I really liked the main characters, Em and Cas. Em was very brave and loyal, and even though she may not have had the same abilities as others, she still cared about the safety of her loved ones. Cas was actually quite charming and gentle, and I appreciated that he eventually really tried to listen to Em’s ideas, even when they were completely different from what he had been taught. I thought they were quite a good match for each other. The book moved along pretty well, and it ultimately ended in a cliffhanger. I think one of my biggest problems was that I couldn’t believe that nobody realized that Em wasn’t actually the betrothed of Cas. I mean, I know they have a similar likeness, but it just seemed strange to me.

If you’ve read Tintera’s other books, the Reboot duology, I must warn you that this book is completely different. Not that either book is bad, but they are just not like each other at all. In fact, after I read Ruined, it took me a long time before I finally connected it to her other series. Anyway, that aside, I do recommend this book if you’re looking for a fantasy read not unlike Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard!


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