What’s the Risk?: Everything, Everything

IMG_7316.JPGOkay, I really wanted to get this review out into the world, but I also haven’t slept for more than six hours a night in at least two weeks, so if this post is slightly rambly or doesn’t make sense, I apologize. Also, sorry for not posting this weekend. I had a lot of homework and a ton of rehearsals and zero sleep. Anyway, Nicola Yoon’s second book, The Sun is Also a Star, just came out last week. Although I have not yet read it, I’m super excited to! However, I just realized that I never reviewed her debut book, Everything, Everything. I actually first picked this book up in preparation for her and Sabaa Tahir’s event. It’s kind of embarrassing, but until about 3 months ago, I had no idea who she was. Now, however, I can tell you that Nicola Yoon is such a sweet person and that I quite enjoyed her book!

Maddy’s disease is extremely rare: basically, she’s allergic to the world and can’t leave the house. She hasn’t left her house in seventeen years, and basically the only people she ever sees are her mom and her nurse, Carla. One day, she sees a moving truck next door and a boy. The boy is tall, lean, and wearing all black. His name is Olly. Perhaps the future isn’t predictable, but some things are certain. For example, Maddy is definitely going to fall in love with Olly, and it’s very likely going to end up a disaster.

I think today I’ll start with the few problems I had with this book. Sorry, I’m just feeling really negative today for no reason. Anyway, the main problems I had with this book were length and pacing. They actually kind of go hand in hand. So the timing was really good until I’d say the last fourth. Everything after that kind of rushed through and I felt almost a little bit cheated by the end. There was a lot in the latter part of the book that could have been explored a lot more, and I definitely wouldn’t have minded Nicola taking a few more pages to do so. It may just be because I’m used to super long fantasy novels, but this book just felt so short! Anyway, on to the positives, of which there were many. First of all, I loved the format in which this was written. It was basically written as Maddy’s journal, which I thought was very fitting for a girl who never leaves her house. I especially loved her “definitions” and her book “reviews” and spoilers. Maddy herself was a breath of fresh air. She was so full of life and really resourceful which I loved seeing when she was scheming on ways to meet Olly. Olly was also really sweet and I loved how much he cared about Maddy even though he himself had so many problems going on. They definitely were really cute together, although I do wish that the romance had developed a little bit more slowly. Again, this is going back to the length issue because I think given more time and pages we could have seen even more development, both in the characters themselves and in their relationship together.

All in all, although this read was a bit shorter than I would have liked, it was still adorable and I would definitely recommend it!


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