Pride Goeth Before the Fall: The Thousandth Floor

I first heard about this book from the Epic Reads First 5 thing. Let me tell you, it’s a great way to find new books. And no, I’m not being sponsored by them in any way.

This is New York as you’ve never seen it before. A thousand story tower stretches high into the sky, where anything is possible if you want it enough. Welcome to Manhattan. The year is 2118. Leda Cole is hiding a secret addiction to a boy she shouldn’t touch anymore and a drug she shouldn’t use anymore. Eris Dodd-Radson’s carefree life shatters when a heartbreaking betrayal tears her family apart. Rylin Myer’s new job sweeps her into an unimaginable new world and love, but at what cost? Watt Bakradi is a tech genius who knows all, but when he’s hired to spy on an upper floor girl, he soon gets caught up in a web of lies. Last, but certainly not least, is Avery Fuller, genetically designed to be perfect. It seems like she has everything, but of course the one thing she can’t have, she wants. In this world of glitz and glamour, the five try to find their place in the world. But the higher up you are, the farther you fall.

One of my favorite things about this book was the beginning. Obviously, I don’t like a girl falling off a tower, but it’s a super impactful way to start a book. It immediately grabs your attention, and you wonder throughout the book who the girl was and why she’s falling. I actually did not guess correctly at all, and I never would have thought that the girl was who it actually was. That just goes to show how intricate the plot is. There is a lot of drama and scandal, and you never know what or who is going down next. The characters’ lives start out relatively separately, but as the book goes on everyone starts to get tangled in a huge web of lies and secrets. This book is told from the perspective of five people: Avery, Leda, Eris, Rylin, and Watt. This was confusing in the beginning but I eventually got a sense of who everyone was. Avery seemed to be trying to be kind and helpful to everyone, but she felt naive and unable to really help. In fact, I’d say that she actually made things worse a lot of the time. Also, the incest. He may be her foster brother, but still… that was a definite no-no in my book. Leda was probably the most spoiled in my opinion. She overreacted and tended to make incorrect assumptions all the time. She also was vengeful and jealous of almost everyone. Suffice to say, I wanted to punch her in the face a lot of times. Eris was an interesting character. I pitied her for all that she was going through. She was quite spoiled and snobby at times, but she somehow felt more real than the other two Upper Tower girls. I really enjoyed learning more about her as time progressed. Rylin was, in my opinion, the sweetheart of the group. Obviously she’s done some questionable things, but nobody’s perfect, not even Avery. I loved the scenes where she was interacting with her sister. I also want to punch Hiral in the face. Rylin deserves so much better than him. Last, but not least, is Watt. Watt was complex because he did unscrupulous deeds since he essentially had no choice. What I liked most about him was his supercomputer, Nadia. I’ve always been fascinated with tech, even AI. Speaking of tech, can we just talk about how many amazing gadgets there are in this book? Instant makeup and hair fixer, a train that can get you to Paris in just a few hours, and a room that can sense what exactly you need and want. The world building and technology were probably my favorite parts of the book. Most of it was just so genius! I didn’t even know I needed dancing gummy bears until now.

All in all, this was a thrilling and fascinating read. I’m definitely curious as to how all the drama will be resolved in the sequel because this book ended with everyone’s secrets in a huge tangled mess.


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