Sassy As Ever: Never Fade


Onward to book 2 of the Darkest Minds trilogy! There were less woods scenes in this one, so that was a big plus. Also Vida. I just really love her so much. Finally, can we just take a moment to appreciate the sassiness of Chubs?

Ruby never wanted the special powers that nearly killed her, but now she must use them daily to lead dangerous missions designed to bring down a corrupt government. Other kids in the Children’s League call her leader, but she knows that she is really just a monster. When Ruby is entrusted with a major secret, she must leave the Children’s League behind. Important information about the disease that killed most of America and turned the rest into feared outcasts has survived all destruction attempts. Now the truth is only in the hands of Liam, who Ruby once thought was her future but now wouldn’t even recognize her. As Ruby embarks on a desparate journey to find Liam and the truth along with it, she is torn between old friends and her promise to the League. Ruby will do anything to protect her loved ones, but what if the cost is too high?

My favorite part about the book were the characters, especially Vida. I just really loved how sassy she was and her story was actually quite heartbreaking. Jude was also pretty endearing, and he was just such a ray of sunshine. We were also reunited with Chubs and his sassiness which really just made me so happy because just Chubs. I mean, just look at that quote up there. Ruby was unfortunately starting to annoy me, but she gets a pass because she really has just gone through so much. There was less of Liam, which I actually kind of liked because he too was starting to get on my nerves.  Another thing I enjoyed was the descriptions of the missions of the Children League because for some reason I’m really drawn to covert operations type scenes. The pacing of the book therefore felt much faster than the previous book, and it all just built up until the heartbreaking end.

The end of the book left me really wanting the next book as well as heartbroken, but if you enjoyed the first book than I think you will really enjoy this one. Don’t forget to read my review of the last book on Saturday!



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