The Troubles of Being a Fangirl: Fictional Crushes

Every fangirl knows the struggle of fictional boys.You want them to be with the girl, but then you want to be with them, but then they’re like your son. Anyway, for today’s Top Ten Thursday I will attempt to narrow my extensive list down to only a few fictional crushes. Why can’t there be any boys like them in real life? Anyway, in Gansey’s words, “Excelsior!” As always, this is in no particular order. I have also linked up my reviews for the corresponding reviews where possible. Just click on the blue link!

  1. Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson series
  2. Frank Zhang from the Heroes of Olympus series
  3. Maxon Schreave from the Selection series
  4. Jace Herondale from the Mortal Instruments
  5. Simon Lewis from the Mortal Instruments
  6. Magnus Bane from the Mortal Instruments
  7. Julian Blackthorn from the Dark Artifices
  8. Mark Blackthorn from the Dark Artifices
  9. Will Herondale from the Infernal Devices
  10. James Carstairs from the Infernal Devices
  11. Ashallayn’darkmyr Tallyn (Prince Ash) from the Iron Fey
  12. Prince Kai from the Lunar Chronicles
  13. Captain Carswell Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles
  14. Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury
  15. Dorian Havilliard from the the Throne of Glass series
  16. Dick Gansey from the Raven Cycle
  17. Daniel Altan Wing (Day) from the Legend series
  18. Morpheus from the Splintered series
  19. Henry from the Goddess Test series
  20. Khalid from the Wrath and the Dawn duology
  21. Rowan Whitethorn from the Throne of Glass series
  22. Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows
  23. Nikolai from the Grisha trilogy
  24. Anubis from the Kane Chronicles
  25. Magiano from the Young Elites trilogy

Bonus: many of my favorite books include dreamy boys, however, they would not exactly want to date me, or any girl for that matter, if you know what I mean. Also, there will be SPOILERS for The Crown, the Mortal Instruments, the Heroes of Olympus series, the Raven Cycle, Carry On, The Song of Achilles, and Six of Crows

  1. Hale from the Selection series
  2. Alec Lightwood from the Mortal Instruments
  3. Nico diAngelo from the Heroes of Olympus series
  4. Ronan Lynch from the Raven Cycle
  5. Basilius Pitch (Baz) from Carry On
  6. Simon Snow from Carry On
  7. Achilles from The Song of Achilles
  8. Patroclus from The Song of Achilles
  9. Jesper from Six of Crows
  10. Wylan from Six of Crows

Okay, so I wasn’t completely successful in narrowing the list down, but there you have it! Who’s your dream boyfriend?


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