THE ENDING!!!: Soldier

Note to self; when the book community tells you that a book is intense and that the ending is just 😱😱😱, they are probably right. Bearing that in mind, I did go into Soldier with a sense of caution. I was still unprepared.

*Possible spoilers for Talon and Rogue* Freedom will cost you everything. Ember Hill is now truly seeing those consequences, and the ill results will not stop coming. Choosing to stay with Riley and his band of rogues, she has forever given up the relative safety of Talon and will be hunted as an outcast. She has lost contact with both Dante, her twin brother, and Garret. The ex-soldier of St. George has traveled to England, the birthplace of his former brotherhood. The secrets that he will uncover will shake both dragons and dragon killers alike, placing them all in danger with the rise of a new faction.

Let me first get my mandatory whining about Riley out of the way. I don’t care if he is the perfect match for Ember’s inner dragon or whatever. He annoys the heck out of me. Garret on the other hand, was just a complete gentleman as usual, willing to step aside just to make Ember happy. He shouldn’t have to though. They’re in love, and I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to yell at her! I must say that this is one of the few times that I’ve wanted the girl to end up with the “safer” option, the “mundane” option, although he’s far from boring. I mean, look at The Mortal Instruments, or the Splintered series. No matter how chivalrous Simon or Jeb was, Mr. Magical always won (Jace or Morpheus). So congrats, Ms. Kagawa! You have gotten me to abandon one of my usual convictions. There are two more characters I wanted to touch on: Dante and Jade. Dante again, was very charming, and it made me even sadder when he questioned his decisions. I felt like he was just ignoring his conscience, who in a way, was Ember. Jade on the other hand, seemed to have a pristine conscience. I really loved her calm demeanor, and I can’t wait to see more of her in the next book! The pacing of the book was really quite fast, with revelation after revelation coming, up until the very end. 

*MAJOR SPOILERS* So can we just discuss that ending? Julie Kagawa had done it again. First of all, why did Garret have to end up like that? It was completely uncalled for. He better live, I’m telling you, or we’re going to have a problem. And that last revelation about the twins was not totally unsurprising, but it just really hit me like a heavy weight, especially when I was reeling from the result of the duel. I need to know what exactly being the offspring of the Elder Wyrm even really means! And how? And who’s the other parent? I need answers!!!!!!*SPOILERS END*

Anyway, suffice to say that this book has definitely redeemed itself from the last book, and that I need Legion now! Why does 2017 feel so far away?


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