On the Run: Rogue


More dragons for today! And a few humans too… After such a dramatic ending, I couldn’t wait to dive right back into the world of Talon. So I did, only five minutes later. I will admit that I didn’t enjoy it as much as Talon, there were definitely many parts that I enjoyed, and it was certainly compelling enough for me to avidly jump into Soldier!

*Possible spoilers for Talon* Ember has left the organization of Talon to join Cobalt and his rogue dragons. But she can’t put Soldier Garret Xavier Sebastian and his sacrifice out of her mind. By saving her from a Talon assassin when he was supposed to kill her, he has been sentenced to execution. Determined to save Garret from his fate, Ember convinces Cobalt to rescue the soldier. In Garret, they find an unlikely ally in a hunt where Ember’s own brother and more assassins from Talon seek to capture them. Secrets are kept by everyone on all sides, and the price of revealing them may be deadly. A choice must be made: should Ember retreat or start a complete war?

I’m going to be honest:while I found the events of this book definitely interesting, it just felt like something was missing. I don’t know what exactly. The pacing was definitely quite good, mostly on the quick side. Oh, I know what it is! Cobalt/Riley really annoyed me, and I just got so sick of him trying to win Ember over. Also, Ember’s back and forth between him and Garret, between her human and dragon sides felt a bit redundant. I did, however, really love her chemistry with Garret. They’ve sacrificed a lot for each other, especially Garret, and I just wanted them to be happy! My favorite character, though, was still Dante. His almost blind dedication to Talon and its “causes” made my heart hurt, and the way he wanted to protect his sister made me really sad. Finally, that ending was just jaw-dropping and to be honest, a bit creepy.



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