Assimilation is the Key: Talon

IMG_6518.JPG“‘Ember, when did your parents die, and what was the cause of death?'”

Dragons are amazing. Julie Kagawa is amazing. (I mean, see my raving about the Iron Fey series here.)  Put them together, what do you get? An amazing series about dragons! I’ve been putting off reading the Talon Saga for ages because I was always scared that it would not live up to my high expectations. I loved Talon, although I will say that no one, dragon nor human, will take the place of Meghan and Ash. Just putting that out there.

Once upon a time, the Order of St. George, a legendary society of dragon killers, nearly drove dragons to extinction. Now they hide in human form, their numbers growing exponentially, waiting to take over the world with their strength and cunning. Ember and Dante Hill are the only twins known to dragon-kind. Trained to assimilate with humans, Ember wants to experience just one summer of freedom before forever taking her place in Talon. However,a rogue dragon will one day challenge everything Ember once thought. As she tries to accept her destiny, the Order relentlessly hunts the siblings. Soldier Garret Xavier Sebastian wholeheartedly believes in his mission of the destruction of all dragons, but he cannot kill unless he sure he has found his prey. Nothing is certain about Ember, and in the face of all her too-human qualities, Garret too begins to question everything he has ever known about dragons. Together, they must question everything they have ever known about each other and discover how far they will go to really learn the truth.

While the book may have been a bit predictable, I really enjoyed the book. I loved Ember and Garret, although Riley really annoyed me. Ember may not have been a completely original character, but I love her spunk and her confidence! Garret was very charming, although I didn’t understand why it took so long for him to figure out that Ember was the dragon. I mean, come on, there were so many obvious signs! Putting that aside, I don’t really know why Riley annoyed me. Maybe I was just sick of the girl always going for the bad boy? Nevertheless, my favorite character was probably Dante. I felt so bad for him because all he wanted was to perform his “duty” and make sure his sister didn’t get in trouble. The pacing of the book may have seemed a bit slow and repetitive at first glance, but I really enjoyed seeing the chemistry between Ember and Garret develop. It was also interesting to see something as amazing as dragons placed in such a mundane world as ours.

In conclusion, while this series will never  take the place of the Iron Fey series, I definitely still really enjoyed this start to the Talon Saga! I really can’t wait to read the rest of her books!


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