Shattered Heart, Numb Mind: Girl in Pieces

IMG_6613.JPG*Possible trigger warning* Welcome to another Mental Health Monday! As well as another ARC day! This book comes out on August 30, 2016. Is it just me or are there a ton of books coming out on August 30? Anywho, this book is on a topic that is in my opinion, not talked about enough: cutting. And if it is talked about, I feel like it’s usually either romanticized or talked about in a condemning way. Fortunately, this book does neither. Instead, it is very powerful and focuses a lot on the recovery process.

Charlotte Davis has been broken into pieces. She’s only seventeen years old, but she’s has lost so much more than most people ever will. But she has a way to forget it all. The mason jar’s thick glass cuts deeply, and and the pain takes the place of all the sorrow until only calm remains. No thoughts of your father and the river; of your best friend forever gone; of your mother with nothing left to give. Every scar petrifies her heart a bit more, but it’s still not enough. Everything just hurts too much. She just can’t care anymore. But sometimes that has to happen before you can find your way back.

It was extremely hard to rate this book. There were certain parts that I were simply wonderful, but others felt like they dragged on too much. I personally got a bit tired of some of the parts with the male love interest in the latter part of the book. Maybe because it made me sick to see how badly he was treating her. However, this book was just so heartbreakingly real and unflinchingly honest. My heart hurt for her and all the trauma she had been through. I loved the writing style of the book, which contained bits and pieces of dialogue, memories, and eventually monologues. We were eventually able to piece together the whole story and it felt like we were really able to see into Charlotte’s mind. She was an immensely complex character, but perhaps the one constant was the trauma. This was a book about survival, about learning to breathe and heal, even after all the pain. It hurt my heart, but that made it all the more rewarding to see her start to recover.

I highly recommend this book. It is definitely a book you must read when it comes out, for you must experience this incredibly moving story for yourself!


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