Not Everything Lasts: Forever

IMG_6517.JPG“I can be so, so quiet. Haste ruins the silence. Impatience squanders the hunt.”

Now for the last book in the Shiver trilogy! I mean sort of. I actually didn’t find this out until yesterday (when I was rereading The Raven King for the millionth time) and I read Maggie Stiefvater’s bio. There’s actually a fourth book, but it focuses on Cole and Isabel. So I guess a better name for it would be a spin-off. Anyway, onward!

*Possible spoilers for Linger and Shiver* When Sam and Grace met, one was wolf and the other girl. He became a boy, and their love eventually became a reality, one they could live together. That should have been the end. But she was not destined to stay human, and their world has turned around again. And all the wolves of Mercy Falls are to be killed in one final kill together, forever. They would do anything for each other. But can one couple really change such a horrible environment?

To be honest, while I did enjoy the book, the ending of the book was the most off-putting part. It felt too open-ended and there were quite a few things that didn’t seem to wrap up. I also would have liked to see more about the cure, and the ending was also quite abrupt. Sam and Grace were charming as ever, and again it broke my heart to see their trials. Grace’s parents started to really annoy me now. While I get that they were protective of her, their behavior still angered me a bit quite frankly. Maybe because I feel like my own parents are always so overprotective of me? Cole began to develop a bit more which was nice to see, although I did get a bit annoyed with on-and-off relationship between him and Isabel. The book was well-paced too, although again, it probably could have gone on a bit longer. In conclusion, it was a relatively satisfying conclusion to this trilogy, but I do feel that while I enjoyed this trilogy, I didn’t love it. Do you get what I mean? It just didn’t touch me, despite the beautiful writing, characters, and plot. I do recommend it, so that you can tell for yourself whether or not you will love it.


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