Meet the Gangsey: The Raven Cycle

IMG_6514.JPGDisclaimer: This will basically be a full-on fangirl session. You have been warned. Also, this is for my Fangirl Favorites Fridays! (I don’t really know what to call it; any suggestions?

Don’t you just love that term? The Gangsey. I’m unafraid and unashamed to admit that I have been stalking Maggie Stiefvater on Twitter. Okay, maybe I’m a little ashamed, but seriously, I’m officially obsessed. It may have taken me a little while to get into the world of Henrietta and Cabeswater, but by the end, I never wanted to leave.

What isn’t there to love about The Raven Cycle? An unguessable plot with twists at every opportunity, a cast of different characters all written so deeply it’s as if you know them personally, fantastic world-building designed to puzzle your mind and filled with both dreams and nightmares, and beautiful writing. Seriously, if you haven’t read the book, I dare you to guess at the plot. It is impossible, and if you are able to, you get a prize because I honestly had no clue what would happen next at any point. Yes, any good book has it’s sharp turns every now and then, but this series will leave you on the edge of your chair thinking, “What will she do now?” Also, be warned that excessive gasping, flailing, and screaming may occur. Another possible cause of these reactions is the characters. Each of the characters has a carefully constructed dynamic between them, whether it be a familial relationship, a romance, a platonic relationship, or an enmity. While I of course love my ships, especially one involving two certain Raven Boys, the dynamic that I love the most is that of the Raven Gang as a whole. As Blue once said, they all love each other in their own way, and it’s so beautiful to experience. The complexity of all the different relationships’ dynamics was mirrored by the setting. It was initially hard for me to get into the world of Henrietta, specifically Cabeswater, but once I was deeply entrenched there was no going back. Stiefvater managed to create a magnificent blend of the supernatural and the mundane, where one was inseparable from the other. Of course, none of this would be as enchanting without such eloquent writing. There was something about it that just demanded your attention and then kept you deeply invested the whole way through.There was a lot of mirroring within the text and repetition, which instead of feeling monotonous, created a sense of unity the whole way through. One last observation: is it just me or is each book focused on one character of the Gangsey? I could be wrong, but I feel like The Raven Boys was most focused on Adam and his journey; The Dream Thieves was most focused on Ronan and his reconciliation of past and present; Blue Lily, Lily Blue was centered on Blue trying to determine who she truly is as well as her history, and The Raven King was about Gansey coming full circle in so many ways.

Regardless of whether or not my theory is correct, I really do urge you to go and binge read this quartet right away! You will fall in love with the boys and Blue almost instantaneously, definitely much faster than Blue did! It’s an emotional rollercoaster, so buckle up for an incredible journey!!!


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