All Hail the Gansey: The Raven King

IMG_6513“Richard Gansey III had forgotten how many times he had been told he was destined for greatness.”

The Raven King. This book was the whole reason why I started this series. Okay, maybe not the only reason, but the main one. I was actually a little nervous to read this for several reasons. One, the series would be over! I wasn’t sure that I was ready to say goodbye to everyone and everything. Two, there were so many things I wanted from this book and I honestly had no idea what was going to happen. Three, because I enjoyed each book more and more, I had super high expectations. I didn’t exactly think that Maggie Stiefvater would disappoint, but I’m always nervous about that. And four, there was soooo much hype from everyone. They were all saying that it was a bundle of feels but that it was amazing. Were any of things true?

*Spoilers for The Dream Thieves and The Raven Boys* Gansey has been on a search for a lost king for a long time. He’s slowly but surely drawn others into the hunt: Ronan, who can steal from dreams; Adam, whose life and dreams are no longer his own; Noah, whose life and dreams no longer truly exist; and Blue, who loves Gansey…and is fated to kill him. The end is nigh. Dreams and nightmares are no longer truly distinguishable. Love and loss collide. And the quest is never a straight line. The storm has broken over Henrietta, Virginia, bringing death, desire, revelations, and brutal truths with it. *Spoilers end.*

To answer my questions one by one. One: yes, the story is over, but that just means that I’m already rereading it, a mere week later. Two: everything I wanted to happen and even a lot of things I didn’t want to happen occurred, but the way everything eventually worked out was pleasing. Three: those super high expectations were clearly not high enough because I was left stunned when the book was over. Believe me when I say that does not happen very often. Emotional? Yes. Stunned? Very rarely. There is a reason I don’t get reading slumps very often. Four: the hype is definitely well-deserved. Honestly, I would venture to say that there is not enough hype. Yes, I loved it that much. What wasn’t to love? There were so many wonderful character dynamics to explore, not just within the main group. The people I wanted gone were gone in an satisfactory way. The plot was just unbelievable! Just when I thought I had figured out what would happen next, something else just came out of nowhere. And yet, it all fit. The ending I thought I wanted and that I was expecting didn’t happen, and I was okay with it! The world-building was absolutely magical as usual, although certain events were heartbreaking to imagine. I’ll finish up this rave with a…

*Spoiler* ALL THREE OF MY SHIPS FINALLY SAILED AND I’M JUST SOOOOOOO HAPPY ABOUT IT BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST ALL SO CUTE. OKAY, BUT SERIOUSLY. I ship Bluesey and Maura/Mr. Gray as much as the next fangirl, but PYNCH IS JUST OTP AND I SERIOUSLY SCREAMED OUT LOUD WHEN THEY FINALLY KISSED BECAUSE JUST AAAHHHH!!!! For some reason, I seem to ship gay ships more. Most of the time. But honestly, I screamed and my mom came running into my room to see if something had happened to me. THAT’S HOW EXCITED I WAS AND EVEN JUST THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES ME SMILE SO MUCH! *Spoiler end*

Okay, now that that fangirling session is temporarily over, I think you can tell how much I love this book and how much I want you to read it. Because seriously, I started this whole series just for The Raven King. It was honestly so worth it, and I hope I’m able to do the same thing for you. Or you can join me in a reread…



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