A Bloody Divide: Red Queen

IMG_6534.JPGI’m going to be completely honest with you here. I started this book because of Owlcrate. I saw in the description that there would be a Red Queen item in the box, and I was like, “Ok, now I really have to read it.” Unfortunately, I got sidetracked and did not read it in time, but I was able to finally read it after the above print from Evie Bookish came. It was an interesting concept, and I was quickly sucked into the book!

A world divided by blood: the Red commoners and the Silver elite, those who possess seemingly divine powers. This is the world of seventeen-year-old Mare Barrow, born in the poor Stilts. This is a world that is not likely to see any change. But the impossible can happen, and one day she finds her self working in the Silver Palace, surrounded by those she hates most. Until she discovers that despite her blood, she herself possesses that deadly silver power. One that could upend the balance completely. The royal family is quick to hide her as a long-lost Silver princess. Her betrothed? A Silver Prince. In spite of this, Mare turns to the Scarlet Guard and aids the Red rebellion intent on destroying the Silver regime. But in this world, anyone can betray anyone, and everyone is against everyone: Reds against Silvers, prince against prince, and Mare against her own heart.The only certainties? Death and betrayal.

This type of world and genre is one my favorite combinations: dystopian and fantasy! Dystopian worlds are already typically very engaging because they work on a different premise. What was interesting about this book was that the society doesn’t really try to pretend that it’s perfect or hide its flaws. From the first chapter, through the eyes of Mare, we already see so much wrong, which makes the reader wonder, “What else is wrong?” That’s where the magic comes in, adding a whole other element of potential disaster to the mix. The various powers were so interesting to read about, especially because Mare raised very intriguing questions about them. I personally am really curious to know why up to this point, only Silvers had these powers. Maybe I missed this part, but what is it about them that grants them these gifts? Our exception, Mare, herself is an interesting girl by herself, but add her powers, her anomaly, to the mix, and she is deadly. I really enjoyed seeing all the events through her eyes, although the situation with who she loves was hopelessly complicated. I still don’t know who I’m rooting for. Our girl is special: not only does she have a love triangle, but she has a love diamond. Not many YA heroines can claim that! I get why she’s hopeless confused too: each suitor has his own things going for him, and none of them is blameless either, although some less than others. The plot itself was relatively straightforward: most of the twists and turns came from the betrayals of different people rather than actually events. To be honest, betrayal and revenge were probably the two driving factors of the book.

If you’re looking for a fresh fantasy/dystopia read, here’s your chance! It’s a whole new world out there, but one thing is certain: the streets are running red and silver with blood.



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