A Dream Come True: The Dream Thieves


image.jpeg“A secret is a strange thing.”

Secrets are strange. They are also dangerous, just like dreams. Walt Disney once said, “All dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” I think this quote is very fitting for this book, especially if taken literally. But if dreams can come true, who’s to say that the nightmares won’t come for you too? So maybe that courage is not to pursue the dreams, but to chase the nightmares that occur instead.

*Spoilers for The Raven Boys* What would you steal from your dreams? Ronan Lynch has secrets. For example: he can take things from his dreams. But he’s not the only one who wants these thing. Ronan and the rest of his group of friends is searching for the dead king, Glendower. This path has been hidden under the surface for centuries. However, everthing, including Rowan’s secrets, is rapidly being revealed, leaving monumental change in its trail. *Spoilers end.*

I know some people have complained that this book is too slow for them, and I can understand that. Especially coming after The Raven Boys, which definitely had a lot more action. However, I personally thought the pace was perfect. Again, while I got used to the world of Henrietta in the first book, the shifts that occurred toward the very end meant that I had to reorient myself. So for me, the pacing was a blessing in disguise, especially since it didn’t feel as slow as it actually was in retrospect. The relatively leisurely pace ensured that we could focus on the character growth occurring, of which there was plenty. There were a lot of actions that had ambiguous consequences, and this book really showed everyone dealing with those consequences, each in their own way. While The Raven Boys may have had dark notes, The Dream Thieves had increasingly darker whole scenes, especially those concerning Rowan. I thought this was appropriate though, considering what he’s been through, and I appreciate the exploration of his potentially extremely destructive side. Regarding the other characters, their relationships all deepened substantially, and I loved seeing their friendships explored. There was a general lack of romance, but I actually appreciated it in this context because it allowed more room for love of the platonic kind. A big theme was the exploration of family, and the platonic nature of their relationships at this stage left the reader with a sense that for this group, their friends were their family. Set against the dark backdrop, I really loved this concept. Athough, there were hints of upcoming romance, especially for one of my main ships, so that did make me really happy!


2 thoughts on “A Dream Come True: The Dream Thieves

  1. Valeria Keuser says:

    I love your blog and look forward to more posts!
    I’m currently reading this book and I totally agree with what you said about the pacing. It’s a bit slow but necessary to the character growth.

    xx Valeria


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