The Last Dawn: Ruin and Rising

IMG_6251.JPGBy the way, have you noticed that the whiteboards have been in Grisha kefta colors? This is the last of my Grisha trilogy reviews before my series wrap up! For me, the final books of series are always hit or miss. There are some that are my favorite, like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and some that are completely off base, like Reached. So imagine my surprise when this book was actually in the middle! Of course, all of them were fabulous, or they wouldn’t all have a perfect rating, but I just really loved the character introductions in Siege and Storm. *Also, I’m so sorry that I’ve disappeared again. Prepare for an onslaught of reviews.*

*Possible spoilers for previous books* Ravka is terrorized by the Darkling, perched on his shadow throne. Now the only hope is a broken Sun Summoner, a rogue tracker, and the battered remnants of a once-glorious army. Trapped in an underground maze, Alina is subject to the Apparat and his cult. She hopes to find the elusive firebird and the outlaw prince, but there is now way of knowing whether either still exists. Alina must forge new alliances, even with former enemies, but as she begins to unravel the Darkling’s secrets, she reveals a past that will forever change her. The third amplifiers stands between Ravka and destruction, but claiming it will cost Alina the very future she has been fighting for. *Spoilers end.*

Plot wise, I thought this was the best one, although the beginning felt a bit slow. There was always a lot of action, and I think it’s fitting given that this was supposed to be the final battle. The ending gave me a sense of satisfaction and contentment. The characters themselves continued to be pleasing, and I finally started to like the Darkling a bit more. I still can’t ship him with Alina though, so sorry guys. Mal also finally felt worthy of Alina because he stopped moping around and was actually doing something for once! I finally actually ship him and Alina, although I do think that Alina and Nikolai would have been a good pairing. Nikolai too! I loved seeing him again, even if he wasn’t as prevalent and what he went through broke my heart a bit. I felt like Genya also redeemed herself, and I loved seeing her romance play out. Zoya, as always, was a joy to read about, but I came to actually love her in this book, and she had much more action here. SPOILER: I also really ship Tamar and Nadia. For some reason, they just work, although I would have liked to see more development as well as just more of them in general. All the deaths broke my heart too, although some happened too quickly for me to really process them. SPOILER END. The Apparat bugged me to no end, and I would have liked to see him be more resolved.

Honestly, I couldn’t find much wrong with this book even if I tried. Leigh Bardugo continues to write beautifully and craft such an intriguing world, and I’m so happy that I’ve finally read this series!


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