Sun and Shadow: The Grisha Trilogy

IMG_6375.JPGThis was supposed to be posted on Favorites Friday, which means time for another induction into my all-time favorites list. Yep, the Grisha trilogy has managed to make it onto that list, so shoutout to my friend Caroline for even giving me the book in the first place, Leigh Bardugo for even writing this wonderful series, and the whole book community for hounding me to read them. Also, again I apologize for my lack of reviews these past few days, but it’s been a crazy week!

My favorite thing about these books? The world-building. Yes, that includes the setting, which is basically a magical imperial Russia based Ravka, but also the finer details. All the clothing, food, customs, and of course the Grisha were painstakingly crafted, creating a vibrant backdrop for the story. And what a story it was! Although the plot lagged in a few parts, for the most part, it was pretty well-paced, with lots of action as well as twists and turns. The characters too were well written, although I don’t feel as though there was enough chemistry between Mal and Alina. The people themselves were delightful though: Mal being a driven, self-sacrificing soldier, and Alina being a somewhat weak and whiny girl who eventually grows a spine. The Darkling had quite a bit of depth to him, including his own backstory, which I appreciated. My favorite characters remain Nikolai, Genya, and Zoya. All three of them were sassy and charming for the most part, and they felt very colorful. I really enjoyed the scenes between them. There were a lot of other secondary characters who were not flat either, and I loved them as well: David, Baghra, Tamar, and Tolya to name a few.

Overall, I highly recommend the Grisha trilogy to all those fantasy lovers out there!


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