A Fancy Bridge: Heir of Fire

IMG_5811“Gods, it was boiling in this useless excuse for a kingdom.”

And just like that, we are once again embroiled in the world of Celaena Sardothein. I just love how much of Celaena’s personality you can see in that first sentence alone! Heir of Fire continues the assassin’s epic journey, now exploring a new side of her that we only got a preview of in Crown of Midnight. This book deals with the aftermath and consequences of the previous books as well as extends the story arc into a much bigger plot. I like to think of it as a type of “bridge book;” a super fancy one with lots of decorations and embellishments.

*Possible spoilers for Crown of Midnight and Throne of Glass* Celaena has suffered deadly contests and devastating heartbreak but paid for it tenfold. She is the heir of ash and fire, and will bow to no one, but she must travel to a new land to confront the deepest secrets of heritage, permanently altering her life. Evil is gathering, ready to enslave the world, and Celaena must find the courage to not only fight these monstrous forces but also beat her inner demons once and for all.

This review will be kind of short because you’ve already heard me rave about how amazing Sarah J. Maas’s characters and world-building and plot are. I know some people were complaining about how slow the first part of the book is, but I think it was necessary for the rest of the plot to continue. Yes, Celaena may have been annoying, but it was interesting to see her strong and confident facade broken down for once. It made her seem more human (oh, the irony!) Once the book picked up, I enjoyed it even more. I loved the new characters introduced, especially Manon and Rowan! And one final warning: your ships will be confused yet again! But I do think my new ship is here to stay…

After three days of hearing me talk on and on about Throne of Glass, I think it is definitely time for you to hop on the bandwagon! I assure you: you will not be disappointed!


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