A Legend of Champions and Prodigies: The Legend Series

IMG_5420“Poor little rich girl’s fallen in love with the Republic’s most wanted criminal.” June Iparis is the Republic’s little prodigy. Born into one of the nation’s most privileged families, the fifteen-year-old is the only person to score a perfect 1500 on the Trial. Meanwhile, the criminal Day, born into the Republic’s poorest slums, has supposedly failed his trial and is on the run, but his motives and intent are not as bad as they seem. When a sudden tragedy occurs, the two are locked in a cat and mouse game. However, the longer this chase carries on, the more shocking secrets there are that are revealed, which will make these two question everything they have ever known.

This book is packed with action, romance, and heartbreak, and I could not put it down. Even to the last line of Champion, I was hooked. And that ending! I was legitimately crying. But although the characters were amazing and I loved seeing the story through both Day and June’s points-of-view, my favorite thing about the book by far was the setting. The books are set a little bit later in the future, after a Civil War between the East and West Coast has broken out. This is actually a plausible situation, so it was interesting to see the possibilities play out. The technology was really cool too because it is definitely technology that could be developed very soon. My favorite technology was everything in Antarctica, where they basically had a virtual reality filter over everything. So cool! And who would’ve thought Antarctica would be the most technologically advanced?

Fun story: I recently met Marie Lu at Yallwest. After attending her fabulous keynote with Tahereh Mafi, I rushed over to her signing line. She was incredibly sweet, and she personalized my book despite the super long line behind me. She even complimented my glasses! *cue fangirl squeal* She is a phenomenal writer and person, and I’m so lucky to have met her.

So if you like Romeo-and-Juliet style dystopian novels minus the deaths, you most definitely should check these books out!



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