3. PJO/HOO/MCTGA/TKC/TOA: Uncle Rick’s Acronyms

IMG_5216Unless you’re completely new to the YA and/or fandom scene, you’ve probably heard of Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. Maybe you’ve even watched the movies. *cringes*  But unless you’ve read the books of Rick Riordan, you’re really missing out. Mr. Riordan, or Uncle Rick as he is usually called in the fandom, crafts old myths within the context of a modern world. To be honest, most of my knowledge of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology all come from these books. Riordan manages to weave compelling tales complete with many sassy and usually lovable characters (with a few exceptions *cough Octavian cough*).

I first started reading this series through a Barnes and Noble kids summer program. They had this thing where if you read eight books and filled out a form, you could pick up a free book. That summer, I saw Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. After reading the summary and discovering that the book was about Greek mythology, I grabbed it. I am now a slave to Rick Riordan’s books. Whenever he comes out with a new book, I immediately have to read it.

My two favorite things about the books are the retellings and the fandom. I am obsessed with ancient mythology and these books are a fun way to stoke my passion, combining two of my interests. Just when you think you know all the monsters and gods, Rick is there with yet another character to learn about. Despite all the conflicting mythologies and universes, Rick still manages to weave one interconnected world, with references from other series in every book. This wide universe makes Riordan’s books appealing to a wide fanbase, which is my other favorite thing about these books. There are so many wonderful people, and so many creative people at that. The number of pieces of fanart and fanfiction are unprecedented, rivaling perhaps only the Harry Potter fandom. So if you are looking for an engaging read with lots of fun moments and some moments filled with lots of feels, you should definitely pick up this series.



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