2. Shadowhunters: The Never Ending Epic Journey

Shadowhunters Favorite Series (Whiteboard theme)To be honest, I only started reading this series in the fall of 2015. These books had been recommended to me several times, but I strayed away from them because the titles did not seem like books I would like. City of Bones sounded morbid to me, and when I was younger, I was easily scared by titles like this. Similarly, Clockwork Angel has a distinctly steam punk feel to it. Furthermore, I knew these books took place in a Victorian era, which did not seem like something I would be interested.

Therefore, when I finally took the plunge and dived into City of Bones, I was surprised by how much I love these books. I ended up blazing through The Mortal Instruments series in a span of one and a half weeks, and they quickly grabbed the Number 2 spot on my All-Time Favorites book list. After finishing, I immediately started The Infernal Devices trilogy, the first of which is Clockwork Angel. Admittedly, I did take longer to read these books, partially because it was disorienting to be in the same universe but with a different time, place, and setting. However, by the two week mark, my dad found me sobbing on the bed after finishing Clockwork Princess.

Since this time, I have read and reread all of Cassie’s published books, from the two main series, to The Bane Chronicles, to the Shadowhunter’s Codex, to Tales from Shadowhunter’s Academy, to her newest release, Lady Midnight. I am proud to announce that I do not regret a single second.

Why do I love Cassie’s books so much? Probably my main reason is because of how deep her characters are. They feel so alive, so much so that I feel like I know them personally. It does not matter how insignificant a character is; rest assured they have been written beautifully. Partially due to this, it is interesting to see how much I “ship” characters from her books together. Apart from Lady Midnight, I have yet to see a canon ship that is commonly disputed. Third, I love how many references Ms. Clare makes between books. For example, there are things that Alexander Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments says or does that mimic his ancestors. Even his middle name, Gideon, is a direct connection to Gideon Lightwood, a secondary character from the Infernal Devices. Last but definitely not least, I love how long Cassie’s books are. Lady Midnight was about 700 pages long, and I loved every single page. The length of the Shadowhunters books and the pace at which Cassie is producing them make me feel like I’m on a never-ending epic journey.

Finally, though slightly unrelated, I recently met Ms. Clare at her recent Lady Midnight release signing. (This, by the way, is how I got her signature in the Bane Chronicles.) She is so kind on social media and even sweeter in person! I hope to meet her again someday soon.


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